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About Us

Our team brings a balance of passion and professionalism to everything we do. We use our combined expertise to create a space for you to enjoy for years to come.

Nice to Meet You

Michael Spence

Owner, Horticulturist

Michael holds degrees in Horticulture and in Ecology, and has nearly 20 years of professional experience in the horticulture industry. His professional passions include original landscape designs and biodiverse plantings with thoughtful plant choices that highlight each season. Native plants are used in all of Trillium Gardens’ designs because they are the foundation for the food web of our community. Michael’s vision for Trillium Gardens is that gardens are for people; are for nature; are for discovering; are for buddies.

Jason Snider

Landscape Design & Gardening

Jason has a meticulous eye for detail and balanced landscape designs. He utilizes his 20 plus professional years in the horticulture industry to guide his plant choices, layout and designs for every customer. His artistic background includes playing guitar, bass and drums, working with a variety of mediums including stained glass, paint, paper and light.

Dan Kelly

Foreman, Gardener

Dan has a great work ethic and brings a wealth of practical knowledge to the Trillium team. His dedication, professionalism and efficiency makes him an invaluable member of our team. Dan enjoys spending time in nature, composing music and playing the drums in local bands. He can lay down the beats as well as he lays sod.

Joel Reynolds


Joel jumps right in to each and every job and works great with customers and co-workers alike. Outside of Trillium Gardens, Joel is a bass player in several bands across the country and is a cold-brew aficionado. His musical background and positive attitude can help your garden get out of its funk.